Linuxvillage hosted at Gandi!

After last month events, Linuxvillage and it’s forum are back. had gone through a crash, caused by a corruption of the filesystem, which have triggered the lost of all the hosted databases (about 900 websites involved, I understood). It happened the last day on March, precisely on the “world backup day“. 🙁

After this, two persons offered to provide a place on their dedicated web servers, for Linuxvillage : but it turned out that I needed to dive into the configurations and learn how to manage servers and all the tools I could need, whereas I have no related knowledge, and no time or wish to learn about this. For our little community, wishing a stable and professional hosting, I went to, studied the PaaS hosting formula, which technically is in between a shared hosting and a dedicated server : they are servers of a given size, installed on virtual machines/vhosts.

After a few discussions with leading persons at, we have been offered a PaaS, for a period of 6 months. We accepted the offer with the greatest pleasure, and now we are back ! \o/ The forum and the website are here again. 🙂

Many thanks to the team

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