Bento antiX i686 PAE

Bento antiX i686 menu Openbox
Bento antiX i686 PAEmenu Openbox

Size : 698 MB

Bento antiXi686 PAE is a spinoff of the antiX Linux 32bit system rebuilt with the help from members of the antiX forum

Wallpaper by Charlie Henson on and logo letters made with Gimp.

User level: beginners and up.

Hardware requirements: 1 GB RAM at least, 2 GB recommanded, and 32bits CPU with 730 Mhz minimum + HDD 7200 RPM ou SSD (PATA ou SATA).


antiX Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution that has been around for many years. It is lightweight and designed to run on aging computers. It makes use of the former init system instead of SystemD.

Bento antiX further simplifies the use of antiX by keeping only the body of the system and dressing it up with a single environment built from a few selected programs.

Some of the programs used have been developed over a decade, first for a PCLinuxOS remaster, then used for an Ubuntu remix, and more recently in the Bento antiX spinoff starting 2019/2020.

The Openbox environment requires a small amount of RAM and a low amount of processor power.

Thanks to Openbox configurations provided out-of-the-box and a single desktop environment, Bento antiX makes it easy for users to handle a GNU/Linux system designed to run on most old computers, some as old as 20 years.

The installation disk image is less than 700 MB.

Bento antiX is easy to customize and upgrade, mainly thanks to the antiX and Debian package repositories also providing access to thousands of software packages.

Bento antiX Openbox applications menus
Bento antiX Openbox applications menus

Main programs

  • Synaptic : Package manager. Used to add more programs ;
  • Epiphany-browser : Lightweight web browser ;
  • Leafpad: Text editor ;
  • Xpdf: Lightweight pdf viewer;
  • Xarchiver: Lightweight archive manager;
  • Gparted: Partition editor.
  • Snapshot : To rebuild your system and create a bootable and installable disk image ;
  • Connman-ui : light network manager.


  • Noyau : Linux kernel antix1 5.10.0-9-686-pae
  • Openbox + openbox-menu + obsession : the Bento Openbox recipe main elements ;
  • PCManFM :file manager ;
  • Lxpanel : classic panel with applications menus, notification area, quick launchers etc.
  • ArandR : gui tool to setup the screen resolution ;
  • Lxappearance + qt5ct  : configure the look and feel in several parts of the desktop environnement ;
  • Tint2 : leightweight panel (not default activated) ;
  • Sakura : light agnostic and easy to costumize console, with the shell BASH ;
  • Zram : Zram for an extra memory amount (block device compressed in RAM / swap located in system memory.).
  • + htop, mc, Gnome System Tools, Pulseaudio, Alsamixer

The default user in the live is demo, with the password demo, and the root user has the password root.

Bento antiX Gestionnaire de fichiers PCManFM
Bento antiX Gestionnaire de fichiers PCManFM

To get it, go to the Downloads page.

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