Bento Remix LTS 20.04.4

As promised, this is the Bento Openbox Remix Edition, rebuilt from Bento Openbox Remix Core 6. This edition has been enriched with a number of packages. Some applications more often requested have replaced others and are generally larger in size.

Bento Remix LTS 20.04.4 Live Installable

The disk image is 1.8 GB large.


The Libreoffice suite:

  • libreoffice-calc spreadsheet;
  • libreoffice-writer text processing;
  • libreoffice-draw drawing;
  • libreoffice-impress presentation.
Menu LibreOffice suite

Also available out of the box:

  • Atril to display pdf files;
  • PdfArranger to manipulate pdf files (add or remove pages, switch pages order, merge or split pdf files) ;
  • File-roller to manage archives.


  • Firefox to surf the web;
  • Thunderbird mail client.


  • Geeqie to display images;
  • Gimp for image creation and edition;
  • gThumbs to manage your pictures.


  • DeadBeeF to listen to music;
  • Smplayer multimedia player;
Multimedia entries in the Openbox applications menu
  • Pavucontrol for level volume and controlling input/output audio;
  • Brasero to burn CDs and DVDs;
  • Guvcview for webcam video capture with the UVC driver.


PCManFM to browse and manage files;

PCManFM file manager

Are also available:

  • Go-mtpfs and mtp-tools to ease the access to files in Android smartphones;
  • Galculator a scientific calculator.

To configure printing and scan:

  • cups printer server;
  • system-config-printer to setup and configure most printers;
  • simple-scan to scan files.

/!\ additionally drivers need to be installed depending on each brand and model printer/scanner

Features for system administration

  • Grub-customizer to modify or reinstall the GRUB boot loader;
  • gnome-system-tools to configure users and groupes, date and time, and NFS/Samba shares;
  • the advanced Synaptic package manager to perform updates, installing and uninstallation applications all at once;
  • The Gnome Software Center to search for and install user applications;
  • An additional firmwer for Broadcom wifi cards: broadcom-sta-common.

Fontes for the current use:

  • fonts-droid-fallback;
  • fonts-junicode;
  • fonts-liberation…

Processing for multimédia streams:

  • gstreamer1.0-nice;
  • gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad;
  • gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly;
  • gstreamer1.0-plugins-good;
  • gstreamer1.0-pulseaudio;
  • gstreamer1.0-vaapi;
  • gstreamer1.0-x …

And many other packages in the categories accessories and preferences, such as catfish to seek for files, caracter map to insert special characters in documents, setup of the keyboard layout,advanced customizations…

To get it, go to the Downloads page.