Bento Openbox Vivid RC1 and RC2

The two new ISOs, are Release Candidates, and are for this reason reduced sized test versions ( 475MB) for a Vivid edition of Bento Village with the codename “Sushi”. They come with almost no application for everyday use, and tools for the advanced users.

La future Bento Vivid
La future Bento Vivid


As a reminder, Bento Openbox is a super light version built on Ubuntu and easy to use for everyone.

Here are a few programs contained in Sushi:

User Interface:

Midori to surf the web, geany as text editor and programming tool with syntax

Text tools:
sdparm, testdisk, htop, mc, lftp, hdparm lshw, openssh-server
openssh-client, rtorrent,

tools for the network include network-manager-gnome,
wpasupplicant, wpagui,

xcompmgr is installed and configured, compton is installed
and waiting for the xcompmgr configuration files to be ported to compton.

There are also several community PPA and their program:

  • The “ppa:mati75/lubuntu-testing” provides Openbox 3.6.0 git with a patch written by Mati75 allowing to use xdg-autostart from the obsession project, instead of python-xdg if obsession is installed, and provides Midori 0.5.9 as a replacement to the old Midori 0.4.3 from the actual repositories;
  • The “ppa:kalgasnik/ppa” pour lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings, as it’s name states, provides a graphical user interface to configure the Lightdm login screen;
  • The “ppa:ravefinity-project/ppa” brings the vibrantly-simple-icon-theme, a beautiful and lean icon theme which comes with several colors.

The RC1 version contains resolvconf while the RC2 provides openresolv. I have not yet made my mind about which of the two does a better job for the resolver. Some feedback are needed in order to pick up one for the future final version.

As always, get to the Downloads page to get them.

A little Bento Sushi

Les versions en cours de construction ont pour nom de code “Sushi”. Je commence aujourd’hui la construction de Bento Sushi en utilisant l’image ISO de Ubuntu Mini Remix 14.04.1 64bits.

La version 32bits est déjà en ligne, elle porte la mention “rc4”, vous pouvez la trouver ici:

(la rc3 on oublie !)

Sushi Trusty rc4
Sushi Trusty rc4

Outils employés:

Ubuntu Mini Remix 14.04.1 – Ubuntu Builder. Il n’est plus maintenu, mais je tourne toujours en 12.04 (à jour) pour les constructions, donc ça fonctionne encore.

Ingrédients suivants:

Un sources.list complet à jour pour Trusty, puis après un “apt-get update” dans la console chroot de Ubuntu Builder, un ajout de clés d’authentification. (à cause du message NO_PUBKEY 16126D3A3E5C1192 à la fin de la mise à jour des sources).

Mise à jour complète, et extinction du système. (Pour qu’au redémarrage il puisse s’apercevoir qu’il a deux noyaux dont un à supprimer).

Redémarrage, suppression des paquets inutiles, et installation de Synaptic, ainsi que de software-properties-gtk qui sont indispensables, car il y a un accès chroot à Synaptic dans Ubuntu Builder.

Dommage que ce programme ne soit plus développé, car il est réellement facile à utiliser !

Bento Village evolution

While summer has elapsed part way, through rains and sun, with heat-waves followed by fresh days and gray sky looking like the end of autumn, the Bento Village project continues to go it’s way.

What’s new? Plenty things. A new domain name:, is used for a mailing list created with the help of Phillw’s friends, and dedicated to develop future new Bento editions. For the time being the future Bento Trusty is being built, while a list of the elements used is being written, for further use when we will be switching from the Ubuntu Builder tool to another method.

The lists can be obtained here:Building-Bento-Trusty ; Details-Bento-config.

Right now some updated editions of Bento Precise are being built. The PAE and non PAE 32bits versions are now online, the x86_64 version will be just after, before tomorrow most probably, and the eeepc 1101 will follow.

Another great news:
So far we have a space for downloads at Philippe Whiteside’s server,, but no mirror on another server so far, but, our host and sponsor for this one website, offers us an additional space as storage and download, which will be used as a mirror for the ISO files. All is left to do is using this space and place a copy of the files. Many thanks to Phillippe, and many thanks to the team!

Linuxvillage hosted at Gandi!

After last month events, Linuxvillage and it’s forum are back. had gone through a crash, caused by a corruption of the filesystem, which have triggered the lost of all the hosted databases (about 900 websites involved, I understood). It happened the last day on March, precisely on the “world backup day“. 🙁

After this, two persons offered to provide a place on their dedicated web servers, for Linuxvillage : but it turned out that I needed to dive into the configurations and learn how to manage servers and all the tools I could need, whereas I have no related knowledge, and no time or wish to learn about this. For our little community, wishing a stable and professional hosting, I went to, studied the PaaS hosting formula, which technically is in between a shared hosting and a dedicated server : they are servers of a given size, installed on virtual machines/vhosts.

After a few discussions with leading persons at, we have been offered a PaaS, for a period of 6 months. We accepted the offer with the greatest pleasure, and now we are back ! \o/ The forum and the website are here again. 🙂

Many thanks to the team

Bento 64bits RC1

This article is also available in French flag-france

A few days of work have been enough to pull out of first edition of Bento 64 bits RC1, built on Ubuntu Mini Remix 12.04, and with the fantastic Ubuntu Builder tool, in the same was as Bento 32 bits has been built. This is an Operating System which might benefit of the same support as the official LTS have, and be used up to 2017.

Bureau Bento 64bits

Several months of work had been used to create and improve Bento 32bits, which allowed the Bento x86_64 to reuse most of the work and helped gaining a lot of time.

It is now ready to be tested under the hardest conditions!

Minimal hardware requirements: a computer with an Intel 64bits or AMD 64bits processor, 768 MB RAM minimum for a comfortable use.

The 64bits edition looks a lot to it’s little sister the 32bits edition, same look and feel, same types of configuration, only the kernel, and at the moment, the list of applications is a little different

It is provided with a 3.11 kernel, but could be coming with a 3.8 in a next version, as it seems as good in features but smaller. The end user programs provided are Libreoffice for the text processing, spreadsheets and so on, Mousepad for the text editor, a web browser, evince to read pdf files, Xchat to visit IRC, Sylpheed for the mail, Xnoise for the video and audio collections, deadbeef as a light audio reader, and a few command line programs.

Bento 64bits RC1 seems very stable. However, this will be the job of the testers to tell use what can be missing to improve it.

bento-x86-64-12.04.4-RC1.iso   15-Mar-2014 03:51    698M
bento-x86-64-12.04.4-RC1.iso.md5sum   15-Mar-2014 03:51    63
bento-x86-64-12.04.4-RC1.iso   15-Mar-2014 03:51    698M
bento-x86-64-12.04.4-RC1.iso.md5sum   15-Mar-2014 03:51    63


Bento Ubuntu Remix RC

Bento is an Ubuntu Remix using mainly the lightweight Openbox window manager as a desktop.

It has been developed since 2012 around the Openbox window manager and features a dynamic applications menu via openbox-menu.

This distribution aims at providing all users with a system relying on Ubuntu and using Openbox window manager without sacrificing ease of use. It is a distribution easy to customize as a bento, and is designed to be working out of the box and used as is by the new users, while still being perfectly suitable for the advanced ones who likes to reshape the entire desktop. It is built on Ubuntu 12.04 to ensure a strong and reliable base for everyday computer usage.

The install comes with the programs Abiword and Gnumeric for the office programs, Gthumb to manage your pictures, Midori to surf the Web, Sylpheed for email, bogofilter for a spam filter, Cups, system-config-printer-gnome and other programs for easy printer configuration, Transmission for a torrent client, the multimedia player and collection manager Xnoise, because it is small and powerful. Are also installed some tools for accessibility which are available in the repositories. A more complete list of applications is available at the end of this page.

Click to the images and change for the next with the arrows or by clicking anywhere on the picture:

First screen
When pressing a key on the keyboard within two seconds we get the language selection screen then several choices for booting. If we don’t press a key on the keyboard during the first two seconds we will reach a screen where it will still be possible to choose the langage as well as the install mode, or the «try without installing» option.


Édit as of January 16, 2014:

Thanks to replace all links below with the ones you will find here (modification in progress):

Indeed, Nazral (Archlinux user), who has been lending his space kindly to host the files for projects I have been leading since a few years, moved to other countries since this month. I wish him a great voyage and wonderful adventures while going forward! I thank him very much for the service offered and for his generosity.

The links pointing to the web-space offered by phillw are still valid! Thanks to him as well.

The bento-ubuntu-remix-RC-linux-3.2.0-56_non-pae-i386-2012.04.3.iso version as it’s name indicates is provided with the current 12.04 version kernel and is fit for computers whose CPU does not provide the PAE instruction. Zram-config is not installed in it. (See bug #1246664)

  • bento-ubuntu-remix-RC-linux-3.2.0-56_non-pae-i386-2012.04.3.iso
  • bento-ubuntu-remix-RC-linux-3.2.0-56_non-pae-i386-2012.04.3.md5sum

The bento-ubuntu-remix-RC-linux-3.2.0-57-generic-i386-2012.04.3.iso, uploaded 10 days after the other ISO files presented here, is provided with a kernel not yet in the current repositories. This kernel version comes from update proposed, and brings in a bug correction which prevented zram-config to start the zram module correctly. This zram module is very interesting to have, in order to improve the live memory capacity. (See bug #1246664)

  • bento-ubuntu-remix-RC-linux-3.2.0-57-generic-i386-2012.04.3.iso
  • bento-ubuntu-remix-RC-linux-3.2.0-57-generic-i386-2012.04.3.iso.md5sum

The iso file bento-ubuntu-remix-RC-linux-3.8-fake-pae-i386-2012.04.3.iso comes with the 3.8.x kernel and the the fake-pae ppa of Bernd Kreuss, which allows starting systems with a pae kernel on some machines having the PAE instruction which however are not detected. (See here for more information Some Pentium M and Celeron M are affected by this issue. Zram-config is installed in the system.

  • bento-ubuntu-remix-RC-linux-3.8-fake-pae-i386-2012.04.3.iso
  • bento-ubuntu-remix-RC-linux-3.8-fake-pae-i386-2012.04.3.md5sum

The version bento-ubuntu-remix-RC-linux-3.11-i386-2012.04.3.iso has the 3.11 kernel. I don’t know what more this kernel brings, besides being obviously bigger in size than the two other ones. It is provided with zram-config installed.

  • bento-ubuntu-remix-RC-linux-3.11-i386-2012.04.3.iso
  • bento-ubuntu-remix-RC-linux-3.11-i386-2012.04.3.md5sum

Full list of applications


Sylpheed + Bogofilter

File managers
PCManFM 1.0
Midnight Commander (mc, semi graphical)

Text editor



File-roller (archive manager)
Galculator (calculator)
Xournal (notetaking application + adding annotations to PDF documents)

Gthumb (image viewer and organizer)
flphoto (allows the access to pictures on some MPT-PTP digital cameras)
Gpicview (simple images viewer)

French locales


Character Map

Torrent client

Xnoise (reading and managing audio and video collections)
Radiotray (radio streams in the systray)
Deadbeef (simple music reader)
Brasero (burn CD/DVD)
Gnome-alsamixer (tune the volume)
Volumeicon-alsa (control of the volume for the systray)

Among which some codecs

System tools and preferences
Network-manager-gnome (manage Internet connections)
Bleachbit (cleaning the system)
Htop (watch and manage processes)
Sakura (terminal emulator)

Among which applications management
Ubuntu Software Center (Choose and install programs)
Synaptic (Install, uninstall and update all programs all at once)
Gdebi (install an Ubuntu deb package)
Update-notifier (management and reminder for the updates)

Text mode programs
Imagemagick (collection of tools to modify images)
Lftp (command line ftp client)
Openssh (server and client)
Testdisk (restore deleted partition tables)
Sdparm (manipulate SCSI peripherals parameters)
Hdparm (manipulate IDE peripherals parameters)
Foremost (restore deleted files)
Lshw (list hardware components)

Many more programs are available on the Ubuntu repositories. Additionally several more sources from the community have been added, especially to get a recent version of the Libreoffice suite, as well as several other programs already integrated into Bento. You will find more information about the PPA system on the Ubuntu documentation page


Thanks to all the people whose work allowed creating this version: the programmers whose work have been used, the artists who created the different parts used for the theme, and thanks to all the testers who brought feedback version after version since 2012.

Bento Ubuntu Remix is not an official Canonical project. It is delivered to you under the GPL licence except for the system parts which can be under other licences, free or not free as per the GNU GPL licenses such as some firmwares whose distribution is allowed and whose licenses are located under /usr/share/doc/linux-firmware/licenses in the system tree directory. The licenses for the other packages forming the system are under /usr/share/doc in their related directories.

Bento Ubuntu Remix is provided as is without any guarantee: we can’t be held responsible for any breakage in your system or in your hardware. We provide no guarantee

Ubuntu© and Canonical© are Canonical LTD trademarks. For more information: © 2013 Canonical Ltd. Ubuntu and Canonical are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd.

Back but on another hosting

The hosting at might have been back at some time during the last week, but for 3 months only as per their post on the front page of the website. Therefore all the steps have been taken to move the LinuxVillage forum at another hosting where it will be stable and secure. All members of the forum should have now received a mail with all information related to this arrangement.

Back or not back

Last night the coming back of the forum was brief and the right time to get a fresh copy of the databases. The former one was one week old, so not so good.

The situation takes time to be back to normal and it will anyhow be a temporary solution, therefore the solution will be to restore it somewhere else.

Could it be that LinuxVillage is a nomadic community? You should certainly not believe such a thing! 🙂