Bento antiX x86_64 full

This edition has been rebuilt ton top of the Bento antiX x86_64 edition already available online, and comes with some additional packages. Also some applications have been replaced with some more often required and larger in size.

Bento antiX x86_64 full
Bento antiX x86_64 full

The download file is 1100 MB.
In this Bento antiX edition you will find the programs and features presented on the presentation page along with the following changes:

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New mirror for Bento Ubuntu Remix

Bento, the little Ubuntu Openbox made easy distribution, now has a mirror. While the main repos is hosted by Phillw on a virtual machine on his CentOS server, the replicated images are on another one of his servers, powered by Ubuntu, also in a virtual machine managed by JasonO. Thanks to them both! Thanks also to captnfab, for his great help!

The repository:

The mirror:

New, zsync files for Bento

Hosting and mirrors

Phillw, of the Lubuntu community, has been providing us with a webspace since several months already, for our ISO files on his webserver,

Phillw has zsync on his server, and we decided to make zsync files for the Bento 32 et 64bits versions of the Ubuntu Remix. Later there will be one or more mirrors also providing ISO files and zsync files allowing direct download or zsync synchronisation, which will allow users and testers to save bandwidths when refreshing their downloads.

There are now two directories, one for each of the two architectures.

Using zsync

Open your console ; the command line to use for the i686 version is this one:


This will download the bento-i686.iso file. For the x86_64 version: